Directed by Sheilah O'Heaney
Debra Petri & Alea Simpson

Neil Simon's rom-com about Corie and Paul, newlyweds still trying to figure out just how marriage works. After decorating their apartment, Corie decides to try her hand at matchmaking everyone she meets while Paul desperately strives to make a good impression at his new job with a prestigious law firm. Needless to say, what can go wrong, goes hilariously wrong. Will true love survive? Will Paul win the big case? Will their neighbor ever stop using their bathroom window to avoid the landlord? Will someone ever fix the hole in the skylight? Will Corie's mother ever go home? All will be revealed in the end!

Performance dates: March 3rd & 4th at 7:30pm & March 5th at 2:00pm


Paul: Raymond Arrington
Corrie: Sarah Langston
Mother (Ethel): Debra Petri
Victor Velasco: Cliff Williams
Harry: David Anderson
With special surprise 'deliveries' by some local personalities


Director: Sheilah O'Heaney
Co-Producers: Alea Simpson and Debra Petri
Stage Manager: Katie Petri
Stage Crew: Luke Petri & Lydia Earle
Special Effects: Luke Petri, Jerry Parker, & Austin Parker
Lights Operator: Rachel Loden
Sound Operator: John Earle
Set Design: Sheilah O'Heaney
Construction Crew: Jerry Parker, Ted Debbs, Stephen Fishman, David Anderson, Luke Petri, Alea Simpson, Jonell Arrington, Robbie Arrington, Tristan Clay, Stephan Clay, Lucas Everett, Jennifer Everett, Sarah Langston, Abigail McCalister, Amy McCalister, Nicholas McCalister, Sheilah O'Heaney, Austin Parker, Debra Petri, Katie Petri, Joseph Hooper, & Cliff Williams
Set Painting: Marylynn Bennett & Tommy Tucker
Scenic Painting: Samantha Watson
Props Crew: Alea Simpson, Katie Petri, Debra Petri, Deborah Kai, & Christine Dominguez
Costumes: Annette Young (Coordinator), Ellis Wysea & the Cast
Light Design: Bill Sherman
Sound Design: Sheilah O'Heaney, David Anderson, & John Earle

Cherokee Civic Theatre ~ 157 West 5th Street ~ Rusk, Texas 75785

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