Dirty Work At The Crossroads
By Bill Johnson

Trials & tribulations abounded — as did laughter, boos & hisses — during this interactive comic melodrama that was presented April 27, 28 & 29, 2007 at the Cherokee Theater with a first-ever encore performance given on an antique railcar at the Texas State Railroad Rusk Depot on May 12.


Nellie Lovelace - Jenni Daniels
Adam Oakhart - P O Ford
Munro Murgatroyd - Dan "Eddie" Breen
Ida Rhinegold - Phyllis Johnson*
Mookie Maguggins - Gerald Hitchcock
Mrs. Upson Asterbilt - Sheilah O'Heaney*
Miss Leonie Asterbilt - Jessica Breen–Ford
Fleurette - Tiffany Hammock*
Little Nell - Chelsie Daniels

Cue Card Cuties - Rebecca Starr Johnson & Moira O'Heaney Debbs*


Director - Jerry Parker*
Stage Manager - Diki Parker*
Stage Crew - Tyler Daniels, Chelsie Daniels, Charistina Dominguez
Piano - Patti Foster & Preston Parker
Bass - Preston Parker
Set Design - Jerry Parker*
Scenic Art - Phyllis Johnson* & Frances Green*
Set Construction Crew - Dan "Eddie" Breen, Candy Dominguez, Sage Elledge, Jessica Breen–Ford, PO Ford, Jerry Parker*, Kay Rogers*
Costumes - Glenna Martin*, Castanya Elledge & The Cast
Props - Bonnie & John Nickle, Mike Johnson Logging, Roy Reynolds*, Davis Plumbing, Don Vandever, Kay Rogers*, Connie Hitchcock, Mike Jeffries, Jacob & Savana Parker, Matthew & Cristin Ross, Jerry Parker*
Light Operator - Camille Jones*
Sound Operator - Jeanie Plyler*
Sound Recordings - Jessica Breen–Ford, P O Ford & Roy Reynolds*

*CCT Member

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