Little Mary Sunshine
Book, Music & Lyrics By Rick Besoyans
Directed by Debra Petri

The show takes place at the Colorado Inn, owned by Little Mary Sunshine, in the early 20th century. Chief Brown Bear, Mary's foster father, has decided to take her advice and sue the U.S. government in order to regain his tribal land. Meanwhile the U.S. Forest Rangers are on the hunt for a group of marauding Indians, led by Yellow Foot. After Mary is captured and tied to a tree by Yellow Feather, Captain Jim saves her and the two fall in love. Further, the United States government rules in Brown Bear's favor and he gets his land back.

Show dates were October (2009) 1,2,3, 9 & 10 at 7:30PM and October 4 at 2:00 PM.

From The dated 8–12–2009

Little Mary Sunshine will be presented Oct. 1–4, 9–10 at the Cherokee Theater in downtown Rusk. Debra Petri is director of the production; LaRetta Britton, musical director and Roy Reynolds, accompanist. "The plot has a little bit of everything– Colorado Rangers, a stalwart captain, a lovely Mary, a chorus of simpering schoolgirls and a villainous Indian", Ms. Petri said. The New York Times called the musical "a merry and sprightly spoof of an era when 'justice always triumphed.'" Most of the players have been cast. The part of Little Mary Sunshine, proprietress of the Colorado Inn and the sweetheart of the leaders of men, was awarded to Jenni Daniels; Preston Parker will be "Captain 'Big Jim' Warington", captain of the Forest Rangers. Castanya Breen has been picked to portray "Madame Ernestine von Liebedich", an elderly opera singer; Rachel Joseph will act the part of "Nancy Twinkle", who loves her man, yet is perhaps even fonder of men in general; "Chief Brown Bear", chief of the Kadota Indians – admirable, wise, restrained, and generous – will be played by James Crump. "Yellow Feather", Brown Bear's rogue son, will be acted by TJ Marquez; Dan Trent will portray "General Oscar Fairfax, Ret.", an elderly Washington diplomat who likes to flirt with younger women; "Fleet Foot", an Indian guide, elderly and no longer able to live up to his name, will be played by Jerry Parker; the "Young Ladies from the Eastchester Finishing School" are Amy McCalister, Jessica Marquez, Renee Derr, Julie Jones, Stella Trent and Candy Dominguez; "Young Gentlemen of the U. S. Forest Rangers" are Cody House, Randy Hinton, Joshua Salinas and Dakota Ivy.

An additional female ensemble will include Alexandra Tucker and Amanda Tijerina.

From The dated 9-16–2009

Jenni Daniels, who plays Mary Sunshine, and Preston Parker, Captain (Big Jim) Warington of the Forest Rangers, practice their musical moments together. The Cherokee Civic Theatre cast of Little Mary Sunshine is putting it all together for the upcoming fall musical at the Cherokee Civic Theater in Rusk. The show is scheduled for Thursday thru Sunday, Oct. 1-4; and Friday and Saturday, Oct. 9-10. For further information, call (903) 683–2131.

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